Cross-cloud IaaS Integrations

  • Provision and Manage VMs

  • Discovery and Sync

  • Policy Management

  • Metering and Monitoring

  • Scheduled tasks

Cloud Cost Management

  • Save cost by eliminating cloud sprawl

    • Discover resources and its usage and costs across various cloud and on-premise platforms

    • Consolidated reports across on any Tags such as Departments, Projects

    • Optimize resource placement and avoid wastage

    • Control spend with configurable alerts based on usage thresholds

  • Showback / Chargeback

  • Offer Flexible Cloud Pricing Models to tenants

  • Extensible

    • Out-of-the-box usage aggregators for System Center VMM, VMware vCenter, Azure, Azure Stack, AWS, Veeam, Commvault, WAP, etc.,

    • Aggregate usage from any source via custom collectors using PowerShell or C#

    • Reporting WHMCS, CyberSource, PayPal, Stripe

Governance and Control

  • Save time and be more productive by eliminating hopping between different cloud portals to manage workloads by using a single unified portal

  • Seamless integrations with existing datacentres, public and private cloud

  • Policies

  • Soft budget

  • Quota Settings

  • Utilization Tracking

  • Auditing

Cloud Orchestration

  • VM Provisioning & Management

  • Backups

  • ITSM

  • Approval Workflows

  • Portal extensions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack

Cloud Discovery and Migration

  • Automated discovery of workloads

  • Migration of legacy assets to the cloud

Service Catalog Management

  • Curated Marketplace and Service Catalogs for Products, Services and Solutions

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