July 2020

Features and fixes that are part of Hybr July 2020 release

Hybr v1.1.32

Purchase CSP services by Admin / Resellers for customers

Ability for resellers to purchase Microsoft CSP offers on behalf of a customer. Earlier version of Hybr only had the ability for the tenant to purchase offers and with this feature, Hybr admin can purchase CSP offers an brings the ability to the Hybr admin portal

Pool support for VMM infrastructure

Ability to create and assign resource pools for connections

Ability to request reseller relationship to customers for Microsoft CSP services

Hybr allows resellers to invite customers to accept the partner invitation for Microsoft CSP services

Rate of Exchange in Billing

Hybr now supports ROE (Rate of exchange) where admin can configure the ROE for customers of different countries. Reports and Invoices will reflect the conversation rate for customers as configured by admin.

Security improvements for Apache Guacamole console connect feature

Improved power Virtual machine power operation status

Performance improvements on Hybr admin and tenant portal

Minor UI improvements